Starting your own laundry

Starting your own laundry!


  • Independence of the contracting
  • Savings on laundry costs
  • Better control of the quality of your bedding
  • Improving the longevity of your bedding
  • Better management of bedding and washing speed
  • Possibility of introducing sustainable development of equipment and products.

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What there is to know?

When chosen to manage its own laundry, it is important to understand all aspects.

  • Location: You will need to determine a place for washing, drying, storage and handling of bedding. We can determine how big it is necessary to have to integrate your own laundry at your facility.
  • Choice of equipment: In order for your future utility to be effective, we must calculate the real needs for the treatment of soiled linen. We can with you, determine what types of equipment will be most effective for your use.
  • Ecological choice: Energy efficiency is at the heart of the news, there are many alternatives to consider in integrating your laundry. We can help you make an environmentally friendly choice and reduce your energy costs. Work pay!