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Fagor Ironer

Manufacturer : Fagor

Model : PS-35/140 MP - PS-35/160 MP - PS-35/200 MP - PS-50/200 MP - PS-50/260 MP - PS-50/330 MP

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The ironing output (between 10 and 40 kg/hour depending on the model) and their heating types (Electric, Gas and Steam) makes them flexible to adapt to the different customer needs.

  • Designed to meet the requirements of hotels, healthcare institutions, nursing homes and on-premises laundries and to unsure flexibility, heightened production and quality.
  • Touch control key pad with seven preset speeds for a gentle speed cycle selection deliver high standard results for a wide variety of fabrics and moisture retentions.
  • It provides a soft start and accurate speed. Allow forward and reverse for flexibility.
  • All models feature high energy burner and AC frequency speed drive with two heat sources Gas and Electric.
  • Simple design that provides uniform heat across the entire cylinder.
  • The cylinder is manufactured with a high standard chrome finished to eliminate the process of messy wax and stripping; to increase laundry production.


Standard Features :

  • Feed and return.
  • Frequency Inverter for the ironing speed control
  • Safety protector for hands
  • Automatic cool-down stop (80 ºC)
  • Panels in Stainless Steel and painted steel
  • Powerful exhaust system
  • Nomex feeding and ironing belts for an easy
  • Operation, top ironing
  • Quality and long-lasting belts
  • Electronic microprocessor (speed and temperature control)
  • 7 speeds controlled by AC frequency control:
    – 1 – 6.5 m/min.
    – Electric and gas heating

Optional Features :

  • Smart system, moisture control.
  • Chromed cylinder, better performance and longer life.
  • Reverse roll rotation.

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