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Industrial Laundry

It takes a lot of work to produce as much clean cloth that an industrial laundry. You need a machine that works as hard. We have the complete product line to guide you pickup to delivery. You no longer have to visit several dealers to equip your industrial laundry.

Increase your productivity while reducing your operating costs

We offer industrial washers designed to help you increase productivity while reducing operating costs. The high spin speed of our washers allows you to operate your shorter dryers. What you save on your energy bills and allows you to operate your laundry faster. Dryers and finishing equipment we provide also meet your industry quality standards. Our affordable, sustainable and efficient machines can support the demand of continuous operation.

Industrial washer and dryer

You need a new industrial washer? Enlarging your laundry? We can help you in the process of acquiring your new industrial dryer or finishing equipment.


  • Funding
  • Plans and specifications
  • Installation
  • Preventive maintenance program