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Why choose LavXel

Recognized expertise and high-quality service

Distribution, sale, installation, maintenance and repair of laundry equipment.

Why choose LavXel

At LavXel, our team of experts will find the tailor-made solution for you. Choosing LavXel makes all the difference!

Choosing LavXel means:

  • Working with an innovative and recognized company;
  • Fast, courteous and impeccable service;
  • Certified professional technicians;
  • Sound, money-saving advice;
  • A team committed to its community;
  • A long-term relationship of trust.

About LavXel

LavXel was founded in Drummondville in 2012 by Christian Gagné-Pageau, who is still the owner and involved in the company.

Originally known as Technologies CGP, the company was renamed LavXel in 2014 so that its name would better represent its mission and field of expertise.

Specialized in the sale, repair, maintenance and installation of laundry equipment (industrial washer, industrial dryer, commercial washer, commercial dryer), LavXel is a dynamic company located in the industrial district of Drummondville, in Québec.

With the strength of the recognition and awards earned, as well as the degree success achieved, the acquisition of a new building in June 2017 has allowed LavXel to anchor itself in its market and position itself as a leader in the ‘industry.

The company serves its customers located throughout Québec and is actively working on various expansion projects, including the Ontario market and the Maritimes.

Christian Gagné-Pageau chose his team with care, and it is recognized for its impeccable service and sound advice for anyone who wants to purchase commercial and industrial laundry equipment. All LavXel technicians have more than 10 years of experience in the field, ensuring impeccable, fast and courteous technical service.

In addition to repair and maintenance of all brands of industrial and commercial washers and dryers, LavXel is the exclusive distributor of Fagor brand products and an authorized dealer of brands such as Speed Queen and Primus.

  • Exclusive distributor of Fagor brand products;
  • Authorized dealer of Speed Queen and Primus brand products;
  • Repair and maintenance of all appliances of all brands and models;
  • Customers throughout Québec as well as in Ontario and the Maritimes.

Awards and achievements

2013 : National Grand Prize of the Québec Entrepreneurship Contest (now called OSEntreprendre) – Business Services category

2015 : Grand Prize of the Élan contest organized by the Drummond Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2016 : Finalist in the Gala des Napoléon presented by the Drummond Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Young Entrepreneurship category

LavXel, committed to its community

Motivated by an involved and dedicated entrepreneur, the LavXel team is always ready to give back to its community. Christian Gagné-Pageau aims to inspire his employees by involving them in his mutual aid and collaboration projects. Each year, a donation is offered to a different organization that helps the people of Drummondville.

During La Guignolée, you will see members of the LavXel team lending a hand to the many volunteers who participate in food drives, to make Christmas merrier for people in need.

The mutual aid and team spirit of LavXel employees is reinforced by their various actions and involvement in the community.

Christian Gagné-Pageau, an entrepreneur who stands out

The founder of LavXel, Christian Gagné-Pageau, followed a very unusual career path. His successes were quickly brought to light, and he was even the subject of an article in the Journal de Montréal.

He “started from nothing”, as he himself said. But with a vision and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, he built his company brick by brick. He has never been scared of hard work, and worked twice (and sometimes three times) as hard to start his business, LavXel, combining work and school for several years.

With rich experience in the field of commercial and industrial laundry services, Mr. Gagné-Pageau has also completed numerous specialization training sessions. In addition, he was a proud athlete-entrepreneur while attending the renowned École d’entrepreneurship de Beauce with senior entrepreneurs with impressive track records.

His goal is both simple and ambitious: to offer the best possible service to his customers while organizing the major expansion promised to his company specializing in the field of industrial and commercial washers and dryers and created to meet the needs of commercial and industrial laundry services.

Christian Gagné-Pageau is an involved visionary who wants his success to benefit his entire community. His vision of sharing and spirit of solidarity are reflected at every level in the company’s values.

This mindset is so strong that he also prefers to think of his competitors as potential allies. Because of this, he does not hesitate to create business opportunities through partnerships that other entrepreneurs would have thought impossible.